The political tandem once formed by Gerhard Schröder – the former German Chancellor – and Joschka Fisher – his former minister of Foreign Affairs – is now battling in the energy field. Schröder is now a lobbyist for the huge Russian company Gazprom, and Fischer is an advisor for Nabucco's pipeline project. "Fischer's pipeline is longer than Schröder's"; notices Die Zeit. The pipeline which is due to link the Caspian Sea to Austria, via Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary " is 3,300 kilometers long, versus 1,200 kilometers for the Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea", stresses the weekly magazine. "Whereas the former Chancellor wants to put the North-Western European market closer to Russia, his ex-number 2 is working on a plan to undermine Moscow' s hegemony when it comes to energy. In order to be profitable, Nabucco will also have to transport Iranian gas, which will give Fischer a chance to use his knowledge in foreign affairs, especially after "the violence that took place during the past weeks".